About us

About us
YBS-BATH, An One-Stop Bathroom solution provider for your easy lives.
We cares your needs on luxury enjoyment of your daily lives by Varieties of Items with High-Class quality in the stock for your choices.

YBS-BATH, being a local brand who specialized in Bath & Toiletry,hardware manufacturer, is deemed to provide a local & easy affordable product to our customer via our national distribution network across the States.

Furthermore,By developing a deep understanding of local culture, we aim to establish  strong local marketing capabilities, and provide our customers with comprehensive product
services that are quality-driven and personalized. 

Who we are

Their business model is to bring all high-quality products to the hands of the American consumer.

Headquartered in NY, it supports businesses in the US, 

Thanks to our team, YSB Bath is fully stocked with high quality products to meet their high demand as a top leader in the bath distribution sector.

Again, thanks for choosing YBS Bath, We wish you a happy and easy life ahead with our Products.