About Us

Started by a group of entrepreneurial Gen Zs, we specialize in bath and toiletry hardware. Operating through international trade, we put our focus on the product and the market.

By developing a deep understanding of local culture, we aim to establish strong local marketing capabilities, and provide our customers with comprehensive product services that are quality-driven and personalized. Together with the Gen Z customers, we will build the new generation of dream homes empowered by AI.

In the process of internationalization, we will adopt the pragmatic strategy of "difficult first, easy later" and a ground-up approach. Upon identifying the appropriate market segment, we will implement product differentiation strategies to meet the individual needs of local customers. The team believes in quality first, our brand reputation is the essence of our longevity. We promise to provide lifetime services to all our clients and guide them through their experience with our product. In essence, we hope to become a group of lovely, credible people who provide customers with reliable products, as well as providing a viable and reliable service program.

The world, with its ever-evolving challenges, needs technology and innovation.

Let us bring warmth to your home through the cold steel that is forged into our products.